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Howard Zinn lecture at Binghamton University, November 2008
on “War and Social Justice”, January 2, 2009
We mustn’t think we’re powerless. We’re not powerless. If you look at history, you see people felt powerless, until they organized, and they got together, and they persisted, and they didn’t give up, and they built social movements. Whether it was the anti-slavery movement or the black movement of the 1960s or the antiwar movement in Vietnam or the women’s movement, they started small and apparently helpless; they became powerful enough to have an effect on the nation and on national policy. We’re not powerless. We just have to be persistent and patient, not patient in the passive sense, but patient in the active sense of having a kind of faith that if all of us do little things, at some point there will be a critical mass created. Those little things will add up. That’s what has happened historically. People were disconsolate, and people thought they couldn’t succeed, but they kept doing, doing, doing, and then something important happened.