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Washington Post Is a Neocon Propaganda Sheet
by Robert Parry, March 15, 2009
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Washington Post
Over the last three decades, the [Washington] Post has evolved into a neoconservative propaganda sheet, especially its opinion section which fronted for George W. Bush’s false Iraq-WMD claims, led the long-term bashing of Iraq War critics, and defends whatever actions the Israeli government takes, including the recent war in Gaza and apparently its desire to preemptively bomb Iran.

Rather than a newspaper committed to the truth and favoring a broad debate about important issues, the Washington Post has become an enforcement mechanism for a neocon-dominated Establishment, setting the parameters for permissible points of view and twisting facts for that purpose.

... The sad truth appears to be that the Washington Post can no longer be counted on to be anything like an honest broker, especially when it comes to issues near and dear to the hearts of neocons. Rather the Post’s role is now to set the parameters for whatever debate the neocons find acceptable.

... Rather than encouraging as free and open debate as possible, the [Washington] Post sees its role as herding the American people to certain preordained conclusions - and casting out from acceptable society anyone who dares threaten the Washington consensus.