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The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy
by L. Fletcher Prouty
Skyhorse Publishing, 2009, paperback (originally published in 1996), p217
High Cabal
power elite
coup d'etat
military-industrial complex
The distinguishing feature of the smaller countries [Third World or less-developed countries] is that the are not broad-range manufacturers or producers. They do not make typewriters, radios or televisions, coffeepots, fabric, automobiles and trucks, etc. Their biggest business, as a nation, is the import-export business. Therefore, much of their national revenue is derived from customs fees, and much of their private wealth is derived from individual franchises for Coca-Cola, Ford automobiles, Singer sewing machines, and so forth. They are totally dependent upon such imports and exports.

In such an economy, the ins, regardless of politics, control these lucrative franchises, and the outs do not. This creates friction. It is based on pure economics and greed and has nothing to do with communism or capitalism.

Therefore, if the ins solicit franchises from businesses in the United States, they are called friendly and pro-Western. If they turn to other sources, they are designated the enemy. If they are the enemy, we have labeled them Communists.

The leaders of the Contras, who used to serve Somoza in Nicaragua,' wanted their valuable U. S. franchises back. For this they were willing to kill. For this the CIA helped them kill. The CIA supported them because it supports U. S. business.