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LBJ: The Mastermind of JFK's Assassination
by Phillip F. Nelson
Xlibris Press, 2010, paperback
JFK assassination
Kennedy assassination
Lyndon Johnson
deep politics
shadow government

Lyndon Johnson ... decided on his own to warn the entire CIA organization that their days were numbered as long as Kennedy remained president, and the Agency was about to be "torn into a thousand pieces."

Johnson would extend his clandestine activities to his military friends as well, working to develop his own "back channel" to key people in the Pentagon as well as at Langley. One of the military men-who clearly also had direct connections to key men in the CIA-who he personally brought into his inner circle was Col. Howard Burns f whom we will turn our attention in subsequent chapters), and another he would undoubtedly recruit was General Curtis LeMay who shared many of Johnson's attitudes, especially about the president, whom he regarded as an indecisive coward and avowed socialist.