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Coming Soon: "On-Demand" Nano-Vaccines Funded by Bill Gates
Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
Bill Gates
polio vaccine
A new type of vaccine may soon be created that will allow for its immediate creation and application. This new vaccine will be formed by using nanoparticles created from genetically engineered proteins.

The researchers, who have already tested the vaccine in mice, are hopeful that the vaccines will soon make “on-demand” vaccines that can be administered within minutes for a low price a common reality in the medical community.

The vaccine would mostly be aimed at "developing countries" and would cut the costs of vaccination programs "by not having to rely on refrigeration, and vaccines could be produced with rudimentary equipment in more precise, targeted numbers. The vaccines could be manufactured and delivered using a disposable patch, like a bandage, which could one day lessen the use of trained personnel and hypodermic needles."

... The development of these new nano-vaccines are funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation by virtue of the organization's Grand Challenges Explorations grant as well as money from the National Institutes of Health.